Excellent customer service is what sets us apart from our competitors... 

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Expert Technical Services

If you have a particular challenge such as matching a special colour or printing onto a particular substrate our Laboratory Technicians will have the answer.

And if you need it in a hurry, just ask!

Excellent customer service is what sets us apart from our competitors. We pride ourselves on being able to use our many years of print industry expertise to help you provide the best quality printing ink available.

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Express Ink Mixing and Bespoke Colour Matching Service.
Ensuring accuracy and continuity of colour, time after time.

We offer a bespoke colour matching service, performed by our experienced laboratory personnel who produce consistent and repeatable colours to meet specific requirements including “Lab” referenced delta E targets achieved using the latest Spectrophotometer equipment.

Our expansive knowledge of the formulation process also allows us to work closely with our customers to develop inks that may need specific properties such as: increased rub resistance, higher light fastness, hard drying, fast setting and resistance to heat and soap etc

Advice and Helpline
Technical support provided by our team of experienced Laboratory Ink Technicians

24 Hour Callout Service
EPI offer a 24 Hour Callout Service, ensuring your presses never stop. Contact your local account representative for more details.

Research and Development Facilities

Full research and development facilities so that you’re confident you’re getting the right product for the job.

We are fully committed to ensuring our product range meets the ever changing needs of the print market and employ a open book policy with regards to the development of new products, our continuing R&D projects ensure that we are able to evaluate suitable new raw materials as they appear on the market, ensuring the final product meets critical environmental and Health and Safety criteria.

Confidential Toll Manufacture
EPI offer extensive Toll manufacturing facilities, working under strict confidentiality agreements. Due to our extensive range of machinery we can accommodate most bulk requirements:
4 x COX 654 Triple Roll Mills, 1 x Pilot mill, 2 x Vogel Potting Mill, 2 x Marchant Potting Mill, 1 x laboratory TRM, 1 x 1000lt capacity Batchranger, 1 x 1000lt capacity Silverson, 1 x 1000lt capacity Vortex Mixer and several smaller Silverson/Vortex Type Mixers 4 x Keenomix Mixers, 1 x COX High Speed Power Blend and Press-out System. Multiple Types and capacity Blending Mixers i.e. Hobart, Busch, Butterfly Blade etc.

Our production facility can handle batch sizes anywhere between 1Kg – 1000Kg with our average batch size being 200Kg.

Press Room Audits
Press Room Audits provided by our team of experienced Laboratory Ink Technicians.

Laboratory Testing Facilities
Full Laboratory testing facilities to ensure correct ink selection for individual substrates. Each batch of product is rigorously tested by our highly trained and experienced laboratory personnel.

A wide range of testing equipment is used to measure all the relevant parameters of a specific product, such as Tack, Viscosity, Fineness of Grind, Shade and Strength etc. Thus ensuring a consistent product is supplied time after time.

Fast Delivery Service
Fast delivery can be arranged by utilising one of our own fleet of vehicles, or by dispatching your order with a National Sameday Courier or an Overnight carrier.

Precision House, Ring Rd, Seacroft, Leeds LS14 1NH

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