Confidential Toll Manufacture

EPI offer extensive Toll manufacturing facilities, working under strict confidentiality agreements

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Confidential Toll Manufacture

Due to our extensive range of machinery we can accommodate most bulk requirements.

Equipment and Capacity

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4 x COX 654 Triple Roll Mills, 1 x Pilot mill, 2 x Vogel Potting Mill, 2 x Marchant Potting Mill, 1 x laboratory TRM, 1 x 1000lt capacity Batchranger, 1 x 1000lt capacity Silverson, 1 x 1000lt capacity Vortex Mixer and several smaller Silverson/Vortex Type Mixers, 4 x Keenomix Mixers, 1 x COX High Speed Power Blend and Press-out System.

Multiple Types and capacity Blending Mixers i.e. Hobart, Busch, Butterfly Blade etc.

​​​​​​​Our production facility can handle batch sizes anywhere between 1Kg – 1000Kg with our average batch size being 200Kg.

Precision House, Ring Rd, Seacroft, Leeds LS14 1NH

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